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Synco designs for true diversity. Each cabinet forms a compatible building block within a complete system, equally at home across all entertainment industry markets - touring, theatre, corporate, festivals and broadcast. So your systems will spend much less time in the warehouse, and much more working.
Economy and simplicity in purchasing, operation and handling are all helped by common technical standards throughout the Synco system.
Every Synco package uses identical 'stacks and racks', identical drivers, identical stage monitor packages, and many other identical key components such as cabling and flying hardware - so it's a system that's fast to prepare and economical to maintain.
Our matching stage monitoring systems include highly-acclaimed monitor wedges and side and drum fills. Very popular among clients, they are
available only as part of a complete Synco package.

A Unique network that works for you
Each Synco Network member is awarded a guaranteed level of exclusivity within each particular territory. In one country, there might be two Synco rental companies; in another, larger territory, three.
'Exclusivity' also means your investment is fully protected. No company other than a full Synco Network member is permitted to purchase Synco hardware or to operate under the Synco international banner.

You also benefit from a comprehensively supported contract which includes access to training seminars, system upgrades and technical back-up. Long term support is guaranteed by Synco and backed by our technology partners.
Product upgrades from our continuing R&D program are made available to every member, to ensure you stay at the forefront of audio technology.

Added value for money

You have all the benefits of an exclusive 'club' of internationally networked Synco rental companies, and the finest audio technology on the market. But there is even more to the concept than that.
A major benefit of Synco Network membership is that other members will help maximise your stock utilisation - giving you the best possible return on your investment. Only Synco members have such ready access to these opportunities.
Synco's central Press and Marketing Office gives Network members help in gaining audio and music industry trade press promotion for tours, events, installations and other contracts. And we are on hand to provide expert advice and guidance, if required, on individual promotions and advertising materials.
So when you are busy out there working, Synco will carry on working for you.

Then there is SMS (Synco Management System), our powerful inventory management and scheduling software, linkable over Intranets with other Network members throughout the world.
Use it to keep track of hardware planning, quotes, orders and invoicing, hiring out crew, maintaining a client database, plus general financial management.
Finally, we have worked for many years with the highly versatile EASE acoustical engineering software to analyse rooms and performances. It's the best set of acoustical analytical tools available, and Synco can offer you a wealth of EASE experience to complement your audio engineering work.

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