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The Synco Network of independent European audio rental companies is a unique solution for live music and theatre sound.
With member companies in Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal and the UK, operating identical equipment and working to the highest standards, production managers and sound engineers appreciate the consistency and value for money this brings.

Our range of audio systems is capable of handling every live sound situation from the smallest club to the largest stadium. From the Renkus-Heinz Synco Touring System (RH-STS) to all three versions of the Martin Audio W8L Synco Line Array, Synco Network members provide superb sound across Europe.

Whichever system fits the bill, each is an integrated technical package of precisely matched loudspeakers, stage monitors, amplifiers, controllers, racks, system accessories and flying systems.

Which also means that when one Synco member calls on another for additional equipment, there are no compatibility issues, just easy, plug and play solutions.

We also include with each Synco package the proven SMS (Synco Management System) software to help members organise and make the most of the Synco package.

Finally, each member is centrally supported by the Synco Network office in Holland with a comprehensive range of services. These include a very high level of technical training, service and maintenance, and full back-up support.

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